Jul 2019


The teachings of non-judgment have always been an important part of my yoga journey. Like so many people I grew up and continue to live in an environment filled with competition. With this competition, whether it involves academic achievement, athletics, or career advancements, comes a great deal of judgment, either of one’s self or of others. Our culture views these judgments as an opportunity for bettering our selves. However, this constant judging can result in diminished self-confidence and increasing self-doubt along with unattainable expectations. Over time these doubts and expectations can attribute to both physical and emotional harm as a person continues to strive for a sense of perfection that is often out of reach.
After years of competing in athletics and striving for academic success I earned my share of doubts and unattainable expectations. When I started my yoga practice the teachings of non-judgment were both rejuvenating and empowering. It was truly a relief to go to my mat knowing that I was not being judged for my abilities and there was no need to compare my practice to that of others.
These teachings are not necessarily easy to follow and create ongoing challenges. This was especially true for me when I was pregnant with my first child. Everyday I was faced with new challenges physically and mentally. I had to adapt my physical practice to what I was capable of on any given day as well as taking into consideration my safety and the safety of my baby. I was confronted with not caring about what others thought about necessary modifications for the simplest of postures that were no longer possible in my practice. These were all lessons that I had learned theoretically over the years but having to put them into practice gave me a whole new appreciation for why non-judgment is an essential part of the yoga journey.