Why is Yoga important to me?
Genelle Bunte

I love that yoga engages both body and mind. It allows for building strength and nurturing flexibility while also providing a space for reflection, rejuvenation, and centering. Yoga is important to me because it simultaneously challenges and relaxes me.

What was my journey towards Yoga?

For years, I participated in competitive athletics. However, I grew tired of the constant pressure, comparisons, and stress. Instead, I wanted to be physically active in a nurturing environment. Finding my yoga practice was a welcome and much needed change. I thrived on the physical benefits that brought not only strength and flexibility but also healing and restoration. This led to an even greater journey towards wellness that goes beyond the physical body to include mindfulness and spiritual discipline.

What are my most important goals when teaching?

I love teaching yoga as it allows me to pass on my passion for wellness to others at any stage in their yoga journey. When instructing I hope that students can leave their mat with a sense of wellness for body, mind and spirit.


“It is obvious that Genelle is a technical and experienced instructor. Come to her class and you will feel enriched, calm, and peaceful. She is a truly outstanding yoga instructor.” – Jenny
“I very much like Genelle's kind demeanor. Her classes were gentle yet powerful and left me a feeling of inner peace and strength.” – Nicole
“I immediately felt Genelle's friendly and kind energy as she welcomed me into the yoga studio. Her classes are the perfect balance to challenge and relax as she guides you through a practice. I highly recommend her classes to anyone from beginner to advanced.” – Angela