Why Yoga for Kids?

Kids today face a lot of stress and competition. At the same time, computers and homework prevent kids from being physically active. Yoga offers a safe space to cope with pressures and expectations while also building mind-body awareness. Yoga can offer both a sanctuary and an outlet for kids growing up.

My Credentials

I am a certified Children’s Yoga Teacher (YY4K 95 RCYT). I completed my training in 2018 and have experience teaching in child care centers, preschools, and elementary school programs.

Classes I teach

Kids Yoga.
Ages 1-6: These classes are filled with songs, games, stories, and animated yoga poses. We are cows and cars, trees and trains. The classes are a fun and creative way to develop gross motor skills, while improving strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Tween Yoga.
Ages 7-13: These classes are designed to offer pre-teens opportunities to release stress and tension while incorporating fun and fitness. Tweens can benefit from this class by gaining self-confidence, strength, flexibility, and balance.

Teen Yoga
Ages 13 and up: Anxiety before exams? Family drama and relationships adding stress to your life? Social media exerting unwanted pressures? Yoga for teens offers a way to relax, recharge, and provides the tools to deal with life.

Genelle Bunte Kids Yoga