Why Yoga for Adults?

Yoga for adults is an opportunity to live life more fully. My classes offer guidance to find balance between body, mind, and spirit. They are a space to reflect on your day, strengthen your body, and rejuvenate your mind. I teach small, intimate classes on purpose. Every student, regardless of prior experience and ability, is welcome. I teach different styles of yoga. I focus on vinjasa/flow with yin and restorative elements. This type of practice nurtures strength and flexibility as well as allowing the body to relax, relieving fatigue and stress.

My Credentials

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher for Adults (RYT 200). I completed my training in 2008 and have more than 10 years of experience teaching yoga to adults of all ages and all levels.

Classes I teach

Regular classes at specific yoga studios.
I teach at the Mat Yoga Dallas, the Mat Yoga Plano as well as the Joe Farmer Recreation Center in Allen, TX. See my schedule for class days and times.

Individual one-on-one yoga.
Customized yoga programs for athletes, introverts, or just yourself.

Partner yoga.
Bonding and learning experience for spouses, siblings, mother and daughters, fathers and sons, BFF’s, or anyone you like.

Group yoga.
I work with schools, businesses, sports teams, bridal parties, and churches to offer some quality time with family and friends, and to bring some balance to your work setting.

Genelle Bunte Yoga outside